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Bachelorette Party IdeasIf you are one of the lucky ones planning a bachelorette party over this season, you have a lot of fun and exciting work ahead of you.  With school and/or work, daily tasks and your social schedule, it is not always easy to take the time and plan the bachelorette party and last night out festivities.  That is where we come in.  We have decided to outline a helpful planning schedule that we hope helps you plan the bachelorette party.  Below, you will find helpful tips that will make less stress planning:

Start as Early as Possible
As soon as you find out your are planning a bachelorette party, ask the bride-to-be who she wants going and get contact information as well as some ideas of what the bride would like to do for her last night out.  The early diva catches the deal.

Diva Network
As soon as you have the contact information for the bachelorettes, including emails, names and phone numbers, send out a message to see who wants to help plan the bachelorette party so it is not all in your lap. Beauty in the Details: Find out what month the bachelorette wants to have her party as well as the following:

Home or Away and where
Bachelorette party entertainment venue?
All day, all night or weekender
Transportation (bachelorette limo, party bus, or sober driver(s)
Date of bachelorette party

As soon as you have these details, you are golden to move to the next phase of planning Deals and Discounts:  Letís face it, this economy is still in the toilette but use this to your advantage to get the best bachelorette party discounts around.  Use your diva purchasing power and ask for volume rates.  Everyone will want your business so they will bid for it.  See if you can get a percentage off bills, travel, a free meal for the bride-to-be, VIP access and extra time for wherever you end up.  The earlier you start on this, the better your rates and organization of an excellent bachelorette party.

Classy or Sassy
Decide whether the bachelorette wants to have a more classy party with conservative events (i.e., spa day, restaurant, concert, weekender at a resort, favorite bar) or one that includes some sultry surprises (i.e., male dancer, exotic dance lessons, bar hoping, exotic getaway with the girls to Las Vegas or New Orleans).  Just make sure you ask the bachelorette for her recommendation since the last night out party is about her and  not as much everyone else.

Get the bachelorette party invitations out asap.   We suggest doing paper bachelorette party invitations since it is fun for the girls to get them in the mail and place them up on a board in their office or home to get excited about the date. You can also follow up each week prior to the party with an email to the group about what has been planned and getting feedback.  This is a great way to get the bachelorettes excited about the party!

Bachelorette Party Games:   There are tons of ice breaker bachelorette party games that make the last night out more memorable and interesting.  Find bachelorette party games that fit the venue and time of the party.  Our favorite bachelorette party games include:

Bachelorette party scavenger hunt
How well do you know the bachelorette
Pin the Macho on the Man (like pin the tail on the donkey)
Any  bachelorette blow up doll (dressed as her favorite celebrity)
Bachelorette spinner game
Bachelorette party ad libs

Just make sure the bachelorette feels comfortable to play these games as again it is her party.

Re-Check Party Plans
A few weeks (if you have them) prior to the bachelorette party, make sure to reconfirm all plans with any venue, transportation company or entertainment you have hired.  Make sure they still have you booked so you donít freak out the last minute that they forgot and donít have your information.

Collection of Money
As soon as you have everything planned, figure out the bachelorette budget and have all the girls pitch in equally.   Collect the money from the bachelorettes prior to the last night out so you are not the diva debt collector during or after the bachelorette party.   There are always those girls who ďforgetĒ to get their money in.  Stay in constant communication with them and make sure you get that money as it is not fair for others to front their bill (unless they donít have the funds and if everyone can help pitch in so they can go and pay what they can).  Solicit the bride or the other influential girls to help collect the money so you are not the only one. This is always an issue and a lot better to deal with prior to the party instead of after.

The Countdown
The week of the bachelorette party, amp up the volume of emails to the bachelorettes to get everyone excited and to make sure everyone has what is needed as for plans.  This is a fun time in anticipation of having fun with the girls.  It is a great way to bond with the bachelorettes who will also most likely be at the wedding and make a more fun party!

Creation of Blogs
It is easy and free to create a facebook or blog site to have the bachelorettes banter back and forth in preparing for the big bachelorette party bash!  Set it up and email the girls to participate as soon as possible.   Give updates to bachelorette party plans as well as other websites that you feel are helpful.

Bachelorette Party Day
Make sure to pack the essentials early which may include, purse, wallet, ID, credit card, perfume or body oil, antiperspirant,
bachelorette party supplies, contact phone numbers of bachelorettes and venue/transportation information, map or directions to destinations, cell phone, and anything else you plan on bringing.

I hope you find this bachelorette party planning information helpful.   Give me feedback in anything else you would add and I will add it for others to benefit.   Have a great bachelorette party!

Bachelorette Party Ideas

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